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Deer Damage

Are you tired of watching your investment be eaten?
Wouldn't you rather look at your investment rather than the fencing around it?
Are the deer crossing the road next to your home and you see them hit by traffic?
Are you finding more ticks in your yard than usual?

Many land owners have way too many deer that there land scape can handle . The damage done by the deer can be very costly to replace (land scape and auto). I'm sure you have tried repellent , that stuff only works until the deer are not threatened from the repellent then they will be rite back. The deer that walk in your yard have ticks, and as they walk the ticks drop off or get brushed off by the bushes they walk by. There are many species of ticks the one that is hard to see or mistaken as a piece of dirt or freckle is a deer tick.

You may only have an acre or less and have probably been thinking you cant allow anyone to hunt the deer because you don't have a lot of land.There are  no restrictions on bow hunting.  private land under ten acres. There are hundreds of bow hunters that search for a small piece of private land to hunt. Interested in having your landscape protected?  go to I want to list my property .

(Bow hunters are recommended on  10 acres or less )