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How land owners get free income! You probably have heard of land being leased for farming agriculture, live stock, commercial use, logging trees, carnivals, and outdoor events. Just because you haven't heard of leasing land for hunting doesn't mean it doesn't exist or its illegal. It does exist and it is legal with the proper lease and liability insurance. The best part is you don't have to do anything to earn the income except be the land owner that allows hunting. The income is free!

The goal of CT Whitetail Association is to help farm/land owners to connect with sportsmen, providing access to their land in exchange for monetary payments made directly to the farm/land owner. Not only does this service provide the sportsman and the land owner with mutual and beneficial value, but it effectively reduces the cost of urban deer management in your local area. This lowers the incidence of human tick borne infections,specifically Lyme disease. If you are or know of real estate properties facing foreclosure or farms facing cash shortfalls in the off-season, the CT Whitetail Association can help!

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